Pre-Production Supervisor @ Framestore

Providing on-set Technical Direction and planning for complex VFX and practical setups. Building tools and working across departments to streamline motion control shoots across Film and TV. Driving Virtual Camera sessions and designing workflows for better game engine integration across visualisation.

I began my career as an Animator with a  passion for games. Working in the game industry taught me to be flexible and allowed me to develop both my technical and artistic skills. I slowly became more involved in the implementation side of animation systems and level design and quickly realized my passion was bridging those gaps that can develop between departments.

In 2014 I moved to London and joined the Third Floor as a visualisation artist. I spent a number of years learning everything I could about cinematography, shoot methodology and animating for readability and speed. I was given the opportunity to support one of our on-set teams as a Motion Builder simulcam operator using NCAM for real-time tracking (Beauty and the Beast 2nd Unit). From that project on I was more and more involved with on-set support, creating techvis and eventually running full blown motion control and simulcam shoots. 

I am very lucky to have been given the opportunity to combine my passions for visual effects, animation, technical planning and my urge to solve problems across departments in pursuit of a more efficient, more creative, more informed shooting experience.


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