Game of Thrones

Virtual Production Supervisor focusing on design and implementation of Motion Control elements.

Season 8
Collaborating with departments to design, schedule and implement motion control shoots.
Working with a team of motion control and camera technicians to create shooting methodologies and tackle complex setups including equipment auditions. Scripting custom tools to enable export to equipment from Autodesk Maya.
Successfully delivered over 250 elements.

Season 7
Supervising motion control work as well as creating pre-visualization across episodes as part of the Third Floor visualization team.

Software Used: Autodesk Maya | RealityCapture | PFTrack | Adobe AfterEffects | Flair
Hardware Used: 1.8 Tonne 6 DoF Motion Base | Spydercam | Libra Mini | Technodolly | Bolt CineBot | Bolt Jnr | Arduino

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