Short Film : Green Eyes

Green Eyes

A short film about two men in love with one woman. A rebel and a simple farmer boy; one filled with love and promise, the other with jealousy and envy. This short tale sees a tragic end, with the sacrifice of one man’s love.

As Art Director on this project I was involved in a lot of team and time management, assigning tasks and making sure everyone was comfortable with the pipeline. All team members had a wide-range of skills therefore being able to create a relationship between software was essential. The project was built on Maya’s referencing system where as an animator I was able to work on character development, rigging and animation while the modelling team was refining their work. Apart from direction I also modeled the main guard characters and set up facial blendshape systems for the Damsel and Rider. The animation workload was split equally between me and another member of the team and I also helped in creating/improving asset rigs (horse’s tail, musket). Animation examples from this short can be found in my latest Character Animation Showreel.


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